Sustainable solutions designed for reuse

Our complete system solutions make it easier to create more cost-effective and sustainable buildings.

Our goal is to deliver products that reduce the construction industry's environmental footprint, that's why all our solutions are designed for dismantling, reuse and recycling.

Innovation and sustainability
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Innovation is in our DNA

Facades for a lifetime

Fixade is a completely new and sustainable way to install facade panels.

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Reusable building materials

Make a sustainable choice when you are selecting materials and designing a building. Our solutions are designed for dismantling, reuse and recycling.

Focus on what matters most

We must build for the climate of the future and the buildings must be designed for flexible use, dismantling and reuse.

Fixade is a sustainable and revolutionary fastening system for facades that ensures a facade that lasts the entire life of the building. It can also be easily dismantled and reused.

Sustainability throughout the value chain

We focus on sustainability throughout the value chain, and deliver on three of the UN's sustainability goals.

Sustainability in Spilka
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